Lawrite HR employment law training

Lawrite HR can provide employment law training for groups of employers, managers, and HR professionals.

Arranging a Lawrite HR training course for your managers will ensure they are aware of the issues that can arise when dealing with employees and how to avoid the pitfalls.

Employment law training for line managers will teach them how to deal with disciplinary and grievance issues properly to avoid discrimination claims.

Examples of some the courses we can run are listed below. We can also put together a course specific to the client's requirements.

For more information about any of these courses, costs and availability please contact us in the first instance by e-mail to

1. Employment law basic introduction course

This course is aimed at employers and their managers and gives an introductory overview of employment law and how it applies in the workplace.

Course contents:

2. Employment law in-depth introduction workshop

This course is aimed at employers and their managers and gives an in-depth view of employment law and how it applies in the workplace.

It explains what the everyday issues are and the consequences of workplace disputes and tribunal claims.

There are practical role play exercises to enable attendees to understand and practise what they have been taught in the context of everyday business examples.

Course contents:

3. Equality in the workplace and how to handle it

A practical training workshop for employers and their managers.

The Equality Act 2010 consolidated the existing anti-discrimination law into one Act and also introduced important changes in the law. This workshop will show managers what the issues are and how to avoid discrimination.

Our experience advising thousands of employers since 1997 shows that many tribunal claims are caused by managers and staff who (although well trained and experienced in their own business skills) lack sufficient knowledge and instinct for spotting potential discrimination claims and fail to handle staff management issues well enough to avoid situations that lead to claims.

We have always argued that prevention is better than a cure. Training your managers, recruiters and other staff who deal with the people who work for you can save you thousands of pounds worth of management time and legal costs that are otherwise devoted to claims and grievances.

Our claims advisers find that time and time again they see cases where the staff initially involved in handling an employee issue failed to see the potential claim and manage the risk.

By training staff to manage people and see the potential claims that can be avoided you are doing the best thing you can to manage the risks of costly tribunal claims and staff grievances.

Course contents:

4. Unfair dismissal – how to avoid it

A practical training workshop for employers and their managers about how to discipline or dismiss staff.

This course is aimed at any employer or manager and explains what can cause claims of unfair dismissal and how to handle staff discipline and when necessary how to carry out a dismissal fairly.

By far the biggest cause of unfair dismissal claims is errors by employers who fail to follow a fair procedure. By understanding the concepts of unfair dismissal and how a disciplinary process is expected to be carried out the course gives any employer or manager invaluable experience of how to avoid costly tribunal claims.

An essential part of the course is the practical exercises in the afternoon where we simulate situations at work and delegates can take part in role play to experience how disciplinary hearings should be conducted and react to potential dismissal situations.