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Lawrite HR - get the best out of your employees and keep your workplace running smoothly with our help. Save management time and money.

HR and management consultants

Lawrite HR is a human resources and management consultancy which specialises in helping businesses deal with HR, employment law and management problems.

We have helped thousands of businesses and organisations in the UK with employment law and health and safety law compliance, HR management and employee relations problems, and employment law training, since the business was originally established in 1997.

Managed HR and legal support

Lawrite HR provides HR and legal support for a wide range of businesses and organisations in the UK as part of a fixed-fee annually-renewed service.

Some of our clients are international businesses which employ people in the UK. Their HR teams are based abroad and rely on Lawrite HR to guide them through the complexities of UK employment law and HR good practice.

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HR and management consultancy

We also help employers deal with their HR, employment law and management problems on a specific project basis.

We are experienced at conducting workplace investigations for employers, and we can mediate between employers and employees to resolve disputes.

We are experts at handling disciplinary, grievance and performance review procedures for employers.

Redundancies and workforce restructuring, the negotiation of severance packages and drafting of settlement agreements are all areas where we can advise and assist employers and business owners.

Sometimes situations our clients have thought of as just HR issues are actually caused by management weaknesses within their business. We have been able to identify the problems, and come up with solutions and strategies that can help resolve them.

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Training for managers

We can provide training for managers about employment law and the Equality Act. Training can cover how to deal with disciplinary action or employee grievances and avoid unfair dismissal or discrimination in the workplace.

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