The Managed HR service from Lawrite HR

Proactive and professional HR and legal support for a wide range of businesses and organisations in London and around the UK is provided by Lawrite HR as part of our fixed-fee annually-renewed Managed HR service.

Expert legal advice and HR support

The Managed HR service gives our clients expert legal advice and HR support whenever they need it, with all the necessary legal and HR documents individually drafted for them.

An assigned employment lawyer or consultant will be available to advise our Managed HR clients about day to day employment law and HR issues when they arise.

Employment contracts and staff handbooks

Managed HR clients get individually-drafted contracts of employment for all employees, an employee handbook, and all other required HR documents, including a health and safety statement and policy.

If a business already has contracts or HR policies in place, we will review the documents and update or redraft them as required.

After that we can keep the documents updated for the client when there are changes required by law or business development.

Fixed-fee service agreement

We usually enter into an annually-renewed service agreement with Managed HR clients who will pay a fixed annual fee for the service.

Flexible levels of support for Managed HR clients

We can put together a specific Managed HR service specification to suit the client’s business and requirements.